Sunday, 14 September 2014

Tricks and Distortions in the New Testament to Gain Credibility

Taken from cover to cover by the Spirit to discover the input within the bible by religious leaders who deceive readers into believing their notions of divinity the truth of their conspiracy was obvious. Starting with the Old Testament, which was taken from the Septuagint, the description of God is laid out. In Isaiah 4:4-8 it states that there is only one such entity and that it alone is the creator and that beside it there is no one else. It also notes that it creates both good and evil. The NT, on the other hand, displays a God of three parts, a devil named Satan as the creator of evil, and a host of others.

The NT also described God as a man who bore a son. Genesis 1:2 describes God as Spirit. As genes from both parents are required for conception it is impossible for a spirit to father a child. The contrast between the two books demonstrates that the second has completely changed the nature of God to fit with a perception that men are created in God's image, which is false.

Jerome, who compiled the NT at the end of the 4th CAD, noted that he altered parts of the OT to make it align. He obviously inserted many of his own ideas into it, such as varying the story of Adam and Eve and suggesting the coming birth of Emmanuel. This was not hard to do as few people in his time could read and most were dependent on teachers to pass on knowledge. This remains the case today as people attend churches so that priests can interpret the controversial book which is full of contradictions.

Following my reincarnation commissions were received to tear down the wall that separates God's people from the truth and to take God off the cross. Visions were given to show how things have been grossly distorted.

In one there was food cooked to perfection in a vat of oil. Suddenly a hand appeared holding a slotted spoon. It lifted the food and tipped it into a toilet with human excreta and the lot cooked together. Then the hand returned and served the combined mess onto plates held out by starving people. Begging for an answer it was some days later that the bible opened at Ezekiel 4:10-13 and I read that the Children of Israel would eat their meat that was baked with human dung in their sights wherever they were driven.

The food the spiritual are eating is the bible. It is contaminated with the dung of men's minds and the truth, the good food, is buried within it.

My purpose has been to extract it and to decontaminate God's prophecies given for Israel. To do this the Spirit taught me well. One of the first skills given to me is to take words apart to their original meaning. Every sound of speech has a symbol attached that became alphabets. 'I-s-ra-el' means 'eye of light-powerful God'. It is this that was shown to me in another vision.

A line stretched out in front of me and went way into the distance. Suddenly from where I stood an extremely bright light appeared and arched over the line to the beginning of it. There in large capital letters was EVE, in the middle was NOON and where I stood was EVENING.

Along the line were many people and they were thickest in the middle which was almost in complete darkness. They were reaching upwards towards a man on a cross. The light shone brightly at the beginning and the end and it described the day of the lord which is 4,000 years long. In the middle of it came Jesus Christ.

The bible opened at Isaiah 59:10 where it states that they stumble around at noon as in the night like blind men. They grope for the wall and are in desolate places as dead men.

Taken then to Revelation 13:13-18 the nature of the two beasts was revealed. The second is the one with the number 666 and it claims that he invented Jesus Christ and forced everyone to worship it. In a vision these words stood upright before my eye CONSTANTINE IS 666. Research led me to his life and work. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and he was an Amorite.

Taking me back to Babylon the Spirit showed me that the Amors were the builders and inhabitants of the city. They were vicious, cruel, murderous, invasive, dominating and they conquered all their neighbors and grew in power. They built their next city Mari, in modern Syria, and they were Islamic. 'Islam' derives from 'I-s-ma-l', the son of Abraham. It means 'eye of light-mother god'.

It was the name of the sun-star formed when rays of light penetrate an aperture, such as that at the top of the ziggurat which they built within their cities. 'Ma-r-i' means 'mother's powerful eye' and it is 'mary' in English. Their next city of note was Roma, reverse Amor, after they took over what is now Italy.

Constantine was an Amorite and Islamic. His religion was based on the same principles and Mary was instated as the Mother of God when he invented Jesus Christ. He then built the first Christian churches and the Vatican, which was located over the temple of Jupiter.

Jerome cleverly changed many things and ordered the church with the mass, festivals, calendar, costumes, instruments and laws of the Imperial Roman Islamic Church. These same things are still in force and the symbolism matches that of Babylon. In Revelation 17 it states that Mary is the mother of harlots and abominations of the earth. It also declares that she is Babylon the great.

The conspiracy at work through the organisation is described in Ezekiel 22:25,26. There can be nothing more condemning of the NT and its authors than this. Ezekiel 39:29 states that God's spirit is poured over the House of Israel and they were seeded at the beginning of the day through Eve, the Spirit of God. Even that has been distorted into an evil woman whom men blame for all of the pain suffered by us.

'Jupiter' was 'i-pita' or 'eye of pita' as there is no [J] in Italian or Latin. It was used by Jerome who cleverly nominated a Jewish name 'Simon' as the rock of God's church. He orchestrated it to 'Peter' as the main disciple of Christ.

The book of Matthew is based on the story of Chrishna, the third person of the Vedic Trinity. It was possibly written by Jerome because it holds the laws of the church, which were unknown before his placement of them. The other books of the gospel follow the same line because they were copied from it. The 4 books vary greatly with two of them, Mark and John, having no reference to the birth of Christ while Matthew and Luke differ in where he was born and only Matthew takes up the story of the evil king, copied directly from Krishna.

The New Testament is a book of fiction that portrays a distinctly different type of divine being to that of the Old Testament. It was done to change people to the Islamic view of the sun as the chief god. It is still the case as Mary is the main object of worship in the Catholic Church. Other Christian religions were spawned by it as was the Muslim religion.